Choosing the Best Modern ERP Platform

Why Modern Businesses Need Modern Technology?

An ERP platform enables you to manage your workforce, finances, customer relationships, supply chain, and more from one place. Because ERP is vital for your future, don’t choose software that’s built on outdated technology. Here’s how to find a solution that’s designed to provide anywhere, anytime access for today’s mobile workforce.

Businesses selecting ERP business software often focus on the cost and functionality of the software they’re evaluating. Although the functional fit of the software to current business processes is important, the ability of the software to adapt to future business growth can be equally vital when you consider how much it would cost to upgrade or replace your ERP after only two or three years. Much of that future adaptability depends on the technology platform on which the business management software is built.


A Modern Cloud ERP Platform That Lets You Focus on Productivity

PowerBooks’s modern, full-function ERP solution puts a wide range of integrated business functions at your fingertips. You and your team can access Financials, CRM, Manufacturing, Distribution, Project Management, and Field Services functionality in one system. PowerBooks cloud ERP leverages the capabilities of the PowerBooks xRP platform, an infrastructure of core components that run in the background. This means your users can focus their attention on workflows, productivity, and business logic—not technology.