Sameer Wagh

CEO and CHIEF architect

Founder, CEO and Chief Architect of Commtex Solutions and Thinq Drug Discovery Pvt. Ltd. THINQ Discovery Pvt Ltd. is a pharmaceutical discovery company founded with the goal of leveraging Indian traditional medicinal knowledge for development of novel therapeutics to address unmet needs. THINQ is in the process of building a Clinical Intelligence Platform to help researchers with predictive modelling to identify hits and leads. Commtex Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a software company having its own development center in Mumbai, India, Commtex is building itself as a Cloud ERP Leader and is Implementing state of the art Enterprise solutions - Acumatica. Commtex has built its own range of solutions - Commtex ERP, Sales Force Automation, Educational Management Systems, Vehicle Tracking Systems and Flight Duty Time Limitation Systems. Commtex Solutions also is in the process of building Clinical Trial Management Systems, Laboratory Information Systems, Discovery Libraries Management Systems and Drug Discovery Mnaagement Systems.